Episode Length: 32 minutes

Welcome back BGP fam! We are back with new conversations about wellness, grief & every subject in between that impacts a millennial woman as she navigates life while putting on her Big Girl Panties. 

Alexis is joined by two of her university track teammates and friends to unpack key moments from the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. Michelle is a retired track athlete turned novice cyclist, and an Associate Marketing Director at Life Time Inc. Priscilla is a 2016 Olympian, radio show host for 98.7 The Coast, and podcast and YouTube host for her show ‘In Our Prime’. 

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Female Olympians who were at the forefront of controversy while they prioritized their mental health despite the backlash that came from critics. 
  • The different kinds of scrutiny faced in different countries around the world 
  • The importance of protecting your mental health in all circumstances.

Special thanks to Eulannae Douglas for performing in our Episode 16 skit.

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