Episode Length: 29 minutes

We have reached Episode 5 for Big Girl Panties Podcast! And for this mini milestone we are starting a conversation about Trauma. Joining me for today’s episode is psychologist Dr. Stephanie Guthman. 

What exactly is Trauma? What’s the difference between Trauma and Grief? And in what ways is Trauma prevalent in our lives as women? Dr. Stephanie and I are discussing these questions and more, as we begin to unpack this sticky, yet important subject.

Tune in and find out ways that we can continue to promote healing after Trauma.

See below for resources mentioned in today’s episode:

The Family Centre Bermuda – www.tfc.bm

Interagency Committee for Children & Families – www.iacbermuda.org


The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel van der Kolk

It Didn’t Start With You – Mark Wolynn

The Deepest Well – Dr. Nadine Burke Harris 


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